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Plumey Voices is always here for you to acquire the very best voice over services in Spanish. However, we have a huge array of dedicated services that can bring you the value and help you want. So, based on your project, we can bring you a huge range of different services that you may like quite a lot. Here are some of the services that we can provide you with, so check them out!

Spanish voice overs
This is the most important service offered by our company. We want to make sure that you receive solely the best voice over services that you can find on the market. This is why our team is full of Spanish natives that will be able to bring you a really good and fast voice over in Spanish.
We maintain the best attention to detail and quality when you work with us. This is why we are always committed to the best possible experience and results that you can find on the market. It shows, and the outcome you receive is among the very best out there. That’s what matters when you work with our team, so just let us know, and we will be there to bring you a quality voice over.
Plus, our Spanish voice-over service is inexpensive, and we offer you the best possible value for your money. It’s a delightful way to fulfill your project and take it to the next level, and with Plumey Voices, you can achieve your goals.

Latin American Spanish voice over
In case you want to target the Latin market in South America or Central America, then the Latin American Spanish voice over is the service you need. We work closely with native professionals that can deliver quality, reliable voice over services and you can rest assured that result will be extraordinary each time you use us.
Also, we are fully committed to bringing you a lot of incredible experiences. It’s all about knowing what to play and what you want to enjoy. It’s always great when you can target a local market and help people the best way you can. Thankfully, with our help, you can do that extremely fast, and nothing will be hard to achieve. That’s how dedicated we are to bringing in a lot of value and quality.

Custom Voice acting
Of course, there may be situations when you need custom voice acting services as well. If you want a specific type of voice over for your project, don’t hesitate and give Plumey Voices a shot. We are always here to help, and our team is ready to tackle all types of challenges. That’s what makes our service stand out, and the value will always be a good one.
As you can see, all of the Plumey Voices services are designed to bring you value and success extremely fast. All you have to do is to get in touch, and our team will be ready to help. Select the right service to suit your needs and contact us as fast as possible to take your project’s voice over to new heights!

Neutral Accent (Latin American Spanish)
24 Hour Skype,
FTP, WAF & MP3 Own state of the art digital recording studio
Phone Patch. Source-Connect / ISDN Bridge, ipDT
Turnaround time: 1 hour for most projects

Additional Services:
English to Spanish Translations
Spanish Script Adaptation and Copy Writing. Plumey has the voice you need for any format or occasion including many character voices. We will take your project, translate it, record it in the desire format and quality in the shortest time. Plumey Voices offers professional voice over services focused on the audio production needs of our clients.

Our Audio Production Experience Includes:
  •  Radio Commercials
  •  TV Commercials
  • Character Voices
  • Cartoon Voices
  • Animation voices
  • Corporate Narration
  •  Video Narration
  • On hold Message

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