Spanish Voice Over

Pablo Plumey voice over artist

The advertisement industry needs professional voice over to become their voice and spread their message to the masses. And with a large population of people speaking Spanish in Los Angeles, it is likely that a business may want to advertise in Spanish. If you think you have what it takes to become a professional voice over actor, then here are some things you need to do:

Record your voice to see how you sound naturally

Are you fit to become a voice over artist? Can you change your voice to suit multiple roles, or can you make your voice sound different if you want to? You must record your voice to see if you can make something sound convincing, impressive or even funny. In order to do this, try reading different passages aloud in your voice to not how you can work with a script.

Try to imitate different voice roles to see if you fit in

Imitate the voice of your favorite cartoon characters, television actors, movie stars or radio jockeys to see if you are able to imitate their roles. Not all voice actors fit into all roles and so you should know what roles are right for you before you apply to one. Animations sound different than TV commercials, and the voice of a male teenager is not the same as that of a 6 year old girl.
Nobody will be a better judge of your voice than yourself and therefore, it is important that you see which type of role your voice fits in better.

Record voice clips to send to advertisement companies

You may not always get the opportunity to go to an audition or find out about the need for a voice over artist through an advertisement, and so, you should send out your audio clips yourself. If you want to be a voice over artist, then your voice is your resume. Send your voice clips and wait for them to respond to you.

Look for an agent who can help you get an audition

Talent agents can make getting an audition easier as they work closely with advertisement companies. They can also help you make your voice better, give you advice on which roles you should opt for and keep an eye on any open auditions.

Make contacts and stay in touch with the circle for any new roles

Actors support other actors. If you want to be a successful voice over actor, then you should make friends with other voice over actors so you can stay in touch with them, be connected with the industry and find out about any open roles you could possible try out for.
The more people you work with, and the more projects you do, the more you will be acknowledged and appreciated for your work. Therefore, if you are passionate about being a Spanish voice over actor in Los Angeles, you should keep trying and practicing your voice.


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