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All voice-over artists are judged not only by the quality of their voice but also on the projects they have worked on. Therefore, it is important for the career of both aspiring and established voice over artists to do well in auditions. If you are a voice over artist who has an audition coming up, then you will find the following tips to be helpful:

Understand the script and practice

If you are lucky enough to get the script before you audition, you should read it to understand its purpose and practice. It is important to note where in the script you need to ask the question, address the problem or state the solution.

Know what tone to use

You should also remember that there are many ways of saying one thing and therefore many tones you can you can use to voice out the script. Try out all the possible ways you can say the script, record it and listen to the recordings to see which one sounds best.

Be Friendly

On the day of the audition, be polite and friendly to everyone you meet as this can get you some extra points. Who doesn’t want to work with someone who is accommodating and easy to be with?

Have lots of energy

Eat chocolate or drink coffee before going to work because your voice won’t sound perfect if you feel tired or sleepy. It is the energy in the voice of a good voice over artist that can bring any dull or boring script to life and this is what the hiring staff expects from you. If you are able to bring life to their script, there is a good chance you may be hired for the role.

Do not be nervous -Take a deep breath

You have done all the practice you could do, you have read the script several times, you have prepared your voice and you know what you need to sound like. If you have already done all the things that you should have done before an audition, you should not let your nervousness get in the way and just go for it. Who knows, this might be the biggest moment for your voice over career!

Give it your best shot

The secret to success (and nailing auditions) is that you need to practice, get better and give it your best shot. There are some voice roles where your voice will fit in naturally and some where you will need to practice to fit in. Whatever it is, when going for an audition, you should just give it your best shot and hope they hire you.

Drink lots of water

You don’t want your throat drying out between your recordings, nor do you want to get so nervous that it starts showing in your voice. A simple way to avoid this is to drink lots of water so that you can calm down and your throat stays in its optimum condition.
Relax! It is only an audition. Because there is a great demand for good voice over artists these days, if you are talented, you are bound to be successful. Good Luck!


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