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Pablo Plumey voice over artist

If you are a Spanish voice-over artist based in New York, looking to expand your horizons and boost your career, there is a lot more you need to be doing than what you currently do. Not only you need to experience inner growth, but you also need to adapt yourself to your surroundings and the needs of your clients if you want to be a successful voice-over artist. You may have a lot of potential, but maybe you lack the opportunity or some fine tuning. Whatever the case may be, make sure to follow these three basic rules which will help you in becoming a proud voice-over artist in New York.

1. Be Honest with Your Product

If you are earning money, you are definitely selling something. Retailers sell specific products which cater to the basic and particular needs of the general public, employees sell their particular skills when they work for their company, teachers sell their knowledge, chefs sell their mastery of cooking and the list goes on. You, being a Spanish voice-over artist, sell your voice. Not just voice, but the Spanish language which comes with it. Your language is your product and you have to be honest with it. If you have been living in New York, you would know that there is a demand for Puerto Rican Spanish voice-over. Practice and master your accent as much as you can and never give it a rest; there is always room for improvement. Practice by recording your own voice and listening to it again and again. Ask for professional help to judge your accent; don’t rely on the opinion of a friend. The competition in this market is getting tougher day by day and only the best survive to make it to the top ranks by delivering professional quality products.

2. Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

It is instinct to grab the most of the opportunities presented to you but you first need to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a voice-over artist so that you can identify which opportunities are best suited to your interests and abilities. The US market is growing by leaps and bounds and expanding at an exponential rate. Likewise, the opportunities for Spanish voice-over artists are also on the rise. For example, Spanish audio books are quite hot these days, and advertisements today are being made more localized and relatable. The more you know your specialties, the more chances you will have of successful personal marketing.

3. Master the English Language

It might seem completely contrary and off the topic here – not to miss discriminatory, but this is an important aspect of your training to master the art of Spanish voice-over. It is important for you to speak, read and write English well – at least a score of 5 or 6 on a scale of 10. This will help you with auditions, interviews as well as crafting a well-written letter of presentation. All your clients will not necessarily speak Spanish, and you will have an impressive edge if you can communicate with them in English.
If you follow the above pieces of advice, you will have a good chance of standing out in a sea of voice-over artists which are all seeking to conquer the New York market.


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