Spanish Voice Over

Pablo Plumey voice over artist

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world which means that a video or advertisement in Spanish can be used to target a wide audience that speaks the language. You might have held auditions or you might have hired the artist from a reputable voice over agency but how do you know if the person you have hired is doing their job right?

While the quality of your final project will assure you of the quality and the competence of the Spanish voice over artist, there are some things you should take note of when you are working with them to see if you will be able to work with them on a long term basis:

They read and understand the script

The first thing you need to check is whether the artist reads (or re-reads) your script to understand the requirements of the project and the type of audience (the age, gender, mindset etc) that you intend to target with your video advertisement. They should also be able to understand the scope of the video and the medium it is to be published in (Television, website or social media).

The fact that a voice over artist is making an effort to understand the project will prove that they are hard working and will give you the results you want.

They put expressions in their voice

You know you have hired the right voice over artist for the job when they can make any script come to life with their voice and give your written script and edge by adding expressions in their voice while narrating or saying their dialogues. The fact that they put in rhetorics and sarcasm in their voice shows that they have thoroughly understood the requirements oftheir roles and this sort of commitment is something all good voice over actors should have.

A good voice over artist, therefore, will do what it takes to make the video relatable for the intended audience.

They are committed to the project

A good voice over artist will do whatever it takes to make sure that the project turns out just right. They will be prepared to do multiple retakes to make sure that the quality of their voice turns out right. They will listen to the content themselves and identify their own errors to understand how they can improve their voice. They will come on time and be willing to give extra time to the job in order to get the work done according to your requirements.

Spanish voice over artists are reputed to put in all their effort to create high quality audio and these artists need to create a good reputation so they get re hired as references and reputation count a lot on the voice over industry. So, at the end of the day the project will be as important to the voice over talent as it is to you. With the right voice over artist, you will be overwhelmed by the hits your advertisement campaign receives.


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