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When you have a video and need someone to be a narrator or speaker, where do you look? You would look for a voice over artist to tell a story or be the voice of a character in the story or presentation. Voice acting has been around for many, many years and is how many businesses get their message out. If you have a Spanish-speaking audience, then a voice over in Spanish would work for you.

What is Voice Over?

Voice acting has been around since the 1900s and was how people got their weather reports, news, and entertainment in the form of radio shows and dramas. Before television was invented, people would entertain themselves by listening to their favorite programs via a radio broadcast. Voice over artists played the parts of characters and someone would be the announcer and insert the appropriate commercial ads in because many of these programs were supported by soap and tire companies like Ivory and Firestone.

The First Spanish Broadcasting System

Before the popular telenovela, Spanish radio broadcasting began in Cuba in the 1950s when Pablo Raúl Alarcón Sr. began broadcasting from his own studio. He later moved to the US where he continued his career as an on-air personality at a New York radio station.

What Are Spanish Voice Over Artists

A voice artist is an actor that uses his or her voice to act out a scene for a movie, narrate a video presentation, whiteboard animation, or voice a commercial ad. Voice over in Spanish is simply adding a Spanish voice to the on-screen image to help tell a story for the audience. Spanish voice acting is basically the same as physical acting, the only difference is that they do not appear on camera.

This type of acting is a bit more difficult for a voice actor. He or she does not have the video playing at the time they record the voice over, so instead, they have to imagine the scene in their mind and how the character will react to what is happening and bring the character to life through their voice alone. To accomplish this, the voice over artist must be skillful in their acting abilities and have mastered their Spanish language skills. It requires a lot of work and skill to become an expert in Spanish voice overs.

Should Hire a Professional Spanish Voice Over Artist?

Spanish is the second most-used language in the world and spoken by more than 400 million native speakers. It makes sense for a company wanting to advertise their products or services to a Spanish-speaking audience to hire Spanish voice over talent. It expands their reach to a larger audience since many countries have Spanish as their main language. Even in countries where multiple languages are spoken, typically English and Spanish are the main two languages spoken by most of the population.

Connect With Spanish-speaking Audiences

Spanish voice over artists are professional actors and are experienced at this type of work so they can connect with your audience and tell a story that will inspire them to take whatever action the sponsor would like such as visit a website, call for a service, watch a video, or donate money to a charity. They can also improvise when necessary and adjust the tempo and speed of their voice to match the timing of the video even if they do not record at the same time the video is produced.

Many voice actors have their own professional recording equipment and can produce the recording in their own studio, and then when it is complete, send it to the client ready to be added to the presentation. This saves a lot of money on production and time spent traveling to the site and provides a convenience for the Spanish voice over artist as well as the client company.

Playing Multiple Characters

An added benefit for voice acting is that a voice over artist has the ability to voice multiple characters, something that cannot be done with video. Because no one sees them, they can change the tone and pitch of their voice to create different characters so you would hear 3 - 4 different voices and assume many people were involved in the production when in reality, it is only 1 person providing the voices for each character.

They Are Skillful Actors

Besides speaking the language of your audience, a Spanish voice over artist stays on top of the current national trends and can make suggestions or recommendations based on their knowledge of the industry they work in and can help your business stand out in the competitive world. When you hire an actor to do a voice over in Spanish you are getting the benefit of their years of experience, acting abilities, and knowledge of the dialects spoken in different areas. You can hire someone who is familiar with and speaks a variety of Spanish dialects rather than just a person who speaks Spanish.

Many agencies may not be aware, but although Spanish is a national language, it has different dialects depending on the country. There are actually 6 different Spanish dialects around the world.

Spanish Dialects

  • Castilian
  • Andalusian
  • Rioplatense
  • Caribbean Spanish
  • Andean
  • Mexican/Central American Spanish

If you are wanting to reach an audience in Spain you would need someone who speaks Castilian or Andalusian Spanish for the correct pronunciation and accent. Rioplatense is spoken in Argentine countries. Many Spanish-speakers say they often have trouble understanding the heavy accent of some other dialects. The nice thing is that there are voice over artists in locations all over the world so you can hire someone that speaks the exact dialect you need.

The Advantages of Using Spanish Voice Over Talent

The benefits to the agency or individual hiring an actor for a voice over in Spanish is that you have someone who knows the industry and the audience you are trying to reach and can connect with them in a personal way and be the voice of your business or organization.

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